Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Ocean's 12 - Films With Unestablished Rules - Part 4

This one bugs more people than just me I'm sure! The whole film was crap but the main points that really got to me are:

Julia Roberts playing Tess Ocean playing Julia Roberts, I mean were the writers drunk? You can't do that for one character and not the others, did Danny Ocean not look like George Clooney? And what about Brad Pitt! Not to mention the fact that throughout the film they refer to Tess Ocean as “J-Ro”, which only further shatters the illusion of the film. My money is on the idea that one of the actors was too dumb to remember the character name and so wrote this in as a "joke".

The next annoying this about this film was the use of that Holographic Egg thing. Jebus that was annoying! The film was set in the present day, with no mention of this technology until they needed it! Surprisingly, no one seemed to be in too much awe about it. Technology like that would be more valuable than the egg itself. It was also rediculously elaborate, surely a scale model of the egg would have been just as good, and more plausible within the confines of the film!


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