Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Guinness Brew 39

I don't know how familiar most people are with the new Guinness Brew 39, as it's only currently available in the greater Dublin area. As a Guinness drinker I really really hate this product. For a start it tastes like Guinness with a handful of dirt thrown in for that soily after taste, and secondly it adds a new complexity to the already annoying drink ordering process. Drinks, especially foreign beers, all have a difficult name, and ordering at the bar is rather daunting. "Hey mate can I have a Kaphaffe-fagger-scheniz-niggle?" **Points "oh you mean a Kappenhaffenoggle". However until now if you wanted a Guinness it was simple, one name, one thing, none of this nonsense. Now they are bringing out a whole range of slightly different ones seperated by only the number in the name! How damn confusing! I'm never gonna remember the one I like! Gahhhh!


Anonymous Andrew said...

then just order Guinness and stop waffling on

1:51 p.m., March 28, 2006  

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